The Pro/Con PetitionsTM functionality allows Users to set up directly opposing petitions, side by side. This allows for a healthy debate, as there are often TWO SIDES to every issue.

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Pro/Con Petitions


About Pro/Con PetitionsTM

Each Pro petition can only have 1 Con petition, and vice versa. Once linked up, only our Admins can separate them.  Like all petitions, you can add comments supporting your viewpoint and you can share a petition easily by using the various social and email sharing icons.

How to use
Pro/Con PetitionsTM

Every petition has a 'Disagree?' button that you can click on to create an opposing petition.  From there, the process is the same as for creating any other petition.  The only difference is that this petition will be linked to the other petition and viewed as a 'Pro/Con' pairing when in 'Pro/Con' pages.  On other pages, your petition will continue to appear by itself like any other petition.

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