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Privacy Policy

Monster Petitions is committed to protecting individual privacy and securing the personal information you submit to us when you visit

This privacy policy describes what information is made available to Monster Petitions and third parties when you visit, and how Monster Petitions uses and stores that information.

If you have questions about this policy or suggestions for its improvement, please contact us.

We will revise or update this policy if our practices change, or as we develop better ways to keep you informed about them. You should refer back to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. If we decide to change this policy, we will post a new policy on our site and change the date at the bottom.

1)    Information received and stored by Monster Petitions when you visit

a)    Basic Information

When a computer is used to access information on, basic information such as the following may be automatically received and stored by Monster Petitions web servers:

i)      The date, time, and duration of a website visit;

ii)     The internet domain name when a computer accesses the internet through a domain, such as from a corporation or university;

iii)    Information about the computer set-up, such as the type and version of web browser, operating system, Java support (yes or no), Flash version, screen resolution, and connection speed;

iv)    If a computer accesses a page on via a link on another page, the URL of that referring, page;

v)     Internet Protocol (IP) Address.  A computer’s IP address establishes its location on the internet and allows other computers, such as those hosting, to send it content and other information;

vi)    The specific pages a computer accesses when it requests information from; and

vii)   The amount of data (measured in number of bytes) transmitted from to a computer.

Monster Petitions does not use this information to identify or track the browsing of individual users.  We use it to generate statistics to help us understand how is used and so that we can create a better and more useful website for our users.

b)    We may share some or all of your information with government agencies in response to lawful law enforcement requests or to protect from security threats.

c)    Website Measurement and Customization Technologies (E.g., Cookies)

1.    First-party ( Website Measurement and Customization Technologies

Monster Petitions may use web measurement and customization technologies to make function better for visitors and to better understand how users are using the website.

2.    This means that when you visit a page on, the internet browser on your computer may download and save a small file from (commonly called a “cookie”) so that our website can recognize your specific computer and browser when you use in the future.  Monster Petitions does not use technologies that track your interactions on websites.

These technologies fall into two categories, based on the length of time they remain active:

(1)   Single-session cookies last only as long as a web browser is open.  Once the browser is closed, the data files on your computer are deleted.

(2)   Multi-session cookies last beyond a single session of browsing a website; this allows a website to recognize a computer or user for defined amount of time.

(3)   Session cookies are used for technical purposes, such as enabling better navigation through the site, facilitating the use of user accounts, and generating aggregated statistics about how the website is used.

Monster Petitions uses a third-party analytics provider (currently Google Analytics) to analyze the data collected through the session and persistent metrics cookies.  The third-party analytics provider does not receive personally identifiable information through these cookies and does not combine, match, or cross-reference information with any other information.  Please review the third-party analytics provider’s Privacy Policy for additional information.

3.    These cookies collect information similar to that automatically received and stored on the servers hosting; they do not collect personal identifying information.  Monster Petitions generally does not access or store the raw information collected through these cookies.  We may view aggregate statistical analyses prepared by our third-party analytics provider, but these analyses do not include any personally identifiable information.  In some cases, we may share information with other government agencies in response to lawful law enforcement requests or to protect from security threats.

4.    Third-party website measurement and customization technologies

Some pages on may include web content or functionality from third parties, such as embedded videos hosted by services. 

These third parties may use web measurement and customization technologies (such as cookies) in conjunction with the provision of this content or functionality.  You should consult the privacy policies of these third parties for further information.  We do not knowingly use third-party tools that place a multi-session cookie prior to the user interacting with the tool, for example by playing an embedded video.  If you become aware of a third-party tool on that places a multi-session cookie prior to any user interaction, please contact us.

5.    How you can control website measurement and customization technologies

Visitors can control aspects of website measurement and customization technologies used on  Visitors who choose to disable these technologies may experience reduced, or disabled functionalities.

One of the most common forms of website measurement and customization technologies is the use of “cookies.”  You can choose not to accept cookies from any website, including, by changing the settings of your browser.  You can also delete cookies stored in your browser at any time. 

6.    For more information about cookies, including how to delete them from your computer and configure your browser to refuse them from or any other site, visit the following resources:


(2)   GetNetWise

Another form of website measurement and customization technology is the use of “flash cookies” which are created by Adobe Flash, a technology that powers web content such as videos.  To manage these, visit the Website Storage Settings Panel on does not currently use first-party flash cookies, but they may be used by third party technologies included in 

d) Personal information that you voluntarily submit to

If you choose to provide us with personal information, for example by participating in petitions, completing a “Contact Us” form, signing up for our email list, or leaving a comment, we may use that information to respond to your message and/or to help us get you the information or services you requested.  Submitting this personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) may be required to access information on

Information you voluntarily submit through, such as your name, city, state, and comments on public issues, may be treated as public information. We may, for example, publish compilations of comments collected through or provide them to national leaders, members of the press or other individuals outside of Monster Petitions.  We exercise discretion to protect voluntarily submitted information if its disclosure would raise privacy concerns.

In some cases, we may share information with other government agencies in response to lawful law enforcement requests or to protect from security threats. 

e) User Accounts may require users to create a user account in order to access the site’s full functionality. Setting up an account requires the user to provide such information as a valid email address and a first and last name. We use this information to communicate with you and to identify content you create with the account.

Some of the information provided to set up a user account (e.g., your name) and user-generated content created with the account may be treated as public information.

While users may be unable to contribute content to some features on without an account, they are free to view the site and content generated by others. Those who wish to communicate with Monster Petitions but do not wish to create a user account may do so at this contact us link.


2) Links on to External Sites may contain links to web sites created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations and individuals. provides these links as a service to our users.  When you follow a link to an external site, you are leaving and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external site. does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information contained in a linked site.  We also do not endorse the organizations or individuals maintaining sites that we link, nor any views they express, or any products/services they offer. 

3) Visiting Monster Petitions Pages on Third-Party Websites

Monster Petitions may maintain official or unofficial pages or accounts on several third-party web sites in order to better engage with our users.  Your activity on those third-party sites is governed by the security and privacy policies of the third party sites.  Users of third-party sites are often sharing information with the general public, user community, and/or the third-party operating the third-party site.  These third-party sites may use this information in a variety of ways.  Consequently, you should review the privacy policies of third-party sites before using them and ensure that you understand how your information may be used.  You should also adjust privacy settings on your account on any third-party site to match your preferences. 

4) Email subscriptions and updates

Monster Petitions may maintain several lists of subscribers who have asked to receive periodic email updates.  Some recipients of a Monster Petitions email may unsubscribe from future messages via a link at the bottom of the email message.  Email information may be disclosed to authorities or other entities when compelled by court order(s) or other legal process, or where it is in compliance with governing laws or legislations, or where it is in furtherance of any investigation of illegal activity or non-compliance with Monster Petitions’ rules and policies, or where necessary to protect the rights of Monster Petitions’ or the public at large.

Messages sent from Monster Petitions to email subscribers may include a tracking pixel to provide basic aggregate analytics such as the percentage of recipients who opened an email or clicked on a link in an email, the percentage of subscribers using various email clients, and the number of times an email was forwarded or printed. 

5) Children and Privacy on

We believe in the importance of protecting the privacy of children online and do not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children under 13.  Our site is not intended to solicit information of any kind from children under 13.  To notify us of our receipt of information by children under 13, please contact us.

6) Security of

We take reasonable precautions to protect our site and the information automatically collected by or voluntarily submitted to or an official third-party site.  Access to official Monster Petitions accounts on third-party sites is limited to the staff who administer those accounts, and all official Monster Petitions accounts are clearly labeled.  We also utilize commonly used practices and technical controls to protect this information, along with itself.  These practices and controls may include, but are not limited to, encrypting the transfer of personal information over the Internet via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), using high-strength firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to safeguard personal information and maintaining strict technical controls and procedures to ensure the integrity of all data on We periodically review our processes and systems to verify compliance with industry best practices and ensure the highest level of security for our website.    

7) Severability

If, in the course of litigation, a court of competent jurisdiction determines a section of this Privacy Policy to be or to have become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Privacy Policy shall not in any way be affected or impaired. 

8) Updates to this privacy policy

      Updated: Nov. 17, 2015

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