The Pro/Con PetitionsTM functionality allows Users to set up directly opposing petitions, side by side. This allows for a healthy debate, as there are often TWO SIDES to every issue.

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Whom do you want to petition?

Who is the person in authority or decision maker? You want to address the person or entity that can take the action being requested. You can address anyone in the world or even someone from your local neighborhood.


- President, Premier or Prime Minister
- Congressperson or elected representative
- CEO or Board of Directors
- Head of a national or international organization
- Local or community, public or private entity or person

What do you want them to do? (Title of Petition)

Use a strong 'call to action' telling them descriptively and clearly what action you want them to take. This will also be the Title of your petition so please be forceful but keep it under 10 words.


- Urge President Obama to Federally Legalize Marijuana Use
- Tell Congress to Pass Legislation to Reduce Gun Violence
- Stop Google from Reading your Email to Target you with Ads
- Compel the United Nations to Ban Forced Organ Harvesting
- Boycott [local company] for Not Providing a Living Wage

Why is this important? (Add details)

Tell people up front why they should sign this petition and support this cause. Describe the cause and why you are so passionate about it and why they should also care.

Tell them what's at stake if they don't sign.

It's okay to keep your petition to a short 2 or 3 paragraphs at this point. Later, to increase your petition's effectiveness, you can add in some well researched facts, evidence and links.

What's your petition category?
What's your petition sub-category?