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FREE Apple iPhone 8 Contest Rules


»   New iPhone 8 or $1,200 Cash

When the Contest Ends

»   The contest is open until September 30, 2017.

How to Enter the Contest

»   Direct Entrants

  • Create a FUN Petition at Monster Petitions and get your friends, family, classmates and colleagues to sign your Petition.

  • Sign up here:

  • You can create multiple Petitions during the contest and they can be similar to existing petitions on the site as long as it's a fun cause or topic you care about. (The more people that sign, the more Raffle Tickets you get!)

»   Referrers

  • Use your social media or other contacts to encourage others to create petitions and get signatures. (Contact us at for more information.)


»   You must be of legal age in the country where you live.

»   Create a petition during the promotion period. (The more signatures, the more Raffle Tickets you get!)

How Many Raffle Tickets Do You Get

»   Direct Entrants

  • Create any Fun Petition(s) during the contest and earn the following number of Raffle Tickets:

    • 10 total signatures = 10 Raffle Tickets

    • 50 total signatures = 75 Raffle Tickets

    • 100 total signatures = 100 Raffle Tickets

    • 500 total signatures = 1,250 Raffle Ticket

    • 1000 total signatures = 3,000 Raffle Tickets

      • For Petitions with over 1,000 signatures, each additional 100 signatures equals 300 additional Raffle Tickets

»   Referrers

  • Use your social media or other contacts to encourage others to create petitions and get signatures (Contact us at for more information)

How We Track How Many Raffle Tickets You Have

»   Direct Entrants

  • All created Petitions, signatures and corresponding Raffle Tickets earned will be tracked automatically and manually by Monster Petitions. You only need to create a Petition and get it signed to earn Raffle Tickets. We do the rest!

»   Referrers

  • Contact us at for more information

How is the Winner Determined

»   Only one (1) Winner will be chosen by a random draw.

»   To prevent fraud, Monster Petitions will make a determination as to whether a selected Winner's Petition has real signatures. If fake signatures are found (that are numerous and that we believe are purposeful), the chosen Raffle Ticket and Winner will be invalidated and another random draw will determine the Winner.

»   If there is any dispute as to the Raffle Ticket or individual that has won, Monster Petitions' will have full discretion to make the final and non-reviewable determination.

Prize, Notification and Winner's Required Response

»   The Winner may choose to receive a new iPhone 8 or the $1,200 Cash.

»   Monster Petitions (at our sole discretion) may elect to award the $1,200 Cash if we are unable to obtain the iPhone 8 for any reason.

»   The Winner will be notified via the email they used to sign up to Monster Petitions.

»   The Winner must respond within 15 business days to the email sent by Monster Petitions.  If the Winner does not respond within 15 business days, another Winner will be chosen by random draw.

» These contest rules, terms and conditions may be modified to correct for errors or for clarification or other reasonable purposes.

Other Information

»   How to Create a Petition

»   How to Create a Pro/Con Petition 

»   Examples of Fun Petitions

Email us at if you have any questions

Thanks and Best of Luck!

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