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About Us


Our purple monster logo (we call him 'Mojo') is meant to illustrate that not all life is about seriousness. Although some of the petitions on our site will be about serious issues of great consequence, there's also room for some light hearted and even fun petitions.

Without the lightness our hearts and souls would be easily overwhelmed by the many serious and dark issues our civilization faces.

Here are some of them:

•    Unsustainable Population Growth
•    Global Warming and Climate Change
•    Extreme Poverty and Economic Disparity
•    War, Genocide, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
•    The Mass Extinction of Animal Species
•    Government Dysfunction and Malfeasance
•    Food, Starvation and Water Scarcity
•    Environmental Degradation
•    New, Emerging and Resistant Diseases
•    The Dangers of Biological and Human Engineering
•    Corporate Irresponsibility and Malfeasance
•    The Unknown Dangers of Unrestrained Technology, Hyper-Automation and Nano-Technology
•    The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

Join us to CHANGE the world for the better and to make the collective IMPACT each of us would not have been able to accomplish individually.

One last thing - although Mojo is undeniably cute, you'll notice also that he has sharp teeth - and, he's not afraid to use them.

Please join us today by either creating or signing a petition!

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